Membership Details
Student Athlete With 6 Month Contract
$101.89 every month
($95.00 base + $6.89 tax)
Terminates after: 6 months
By signing this contract I am agreeing to pay the agreed upon, appropriate, reduced rate, each month for the next 6 calendar months on the first day of each calendar month to CrossFit LifeSport. 
I agree to pay this regardless of schedule, health, travel, attendance or other details. 
I may put this contract/membership "on hold” for one month for every six months I commit too. During the "hold month” I don’t have to pay monthly dues, but if I attend class during that month I must pay the drop in fee of $15 for each class I attend. 
At the discretion of CrossFit LifeSport this contract may be terminated. 
I understand that I may buy my way out of this contract at anytime for $175 above any dues already owed to CrossFit LifeSport.
The contract will auto renew automatically unless cancelled prior to the first of the month. If not cancelled prior to the 1st of the month, no refunds will be given.
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